Coconut Fibre

coconut fiber has very long history, Ancient navigators widely use these coconut fiber based ropes for their ships over long period.

Twisted Fibre

Twisting is simply the process of combining together multiple fibres, threads or yarns in a wrapping around (twisting) motion.

Coir Peat

Coco peat increases the porosity of the potting mix. This helps to keep the soil loose and airy helping in better root growth.

Coco Grow Bags

Grow bags are very useful growing in garden. It provides a perfect growing environment for a wide range of vegetables, fruits, flowers.

Coco Chips

Coconut chips is rich in dietary fiber and minerals. It contains iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and pantothenic acid.


Nurseries may supply plants for gardens, for agriculture, for forestry and for conservation biology.

Garden Articles

From poles to plant pots to hanging baskets, coir makes just about every accessory that is essential for modern day gardening.


As we are well aware of the nuances in this domain, we are pragmatic in proffering Raw Coconut to our esteemed clients.

Rubberised Coir

Pioneers in production and supply of Rubberised Coir use clean natural coir fibres and natural rubber latex.